For Renters


Not everyone these days can qualify for a mortgage. Because of abuses in the mortgage industry, even credit worthy people are finding loans harder to get. With the unprecedented number of foreclosures, short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure being given to lenders, good people that otherwise had paid their bills on time, find themselves out of housing opportunities. Nothing frustrate us more than to see people lose their homes and unable to find comfort in another one. This is why Chip and Kathy have, on their own as well as with their pool of investors, created single family rental opportunities that can put families back on sound footing again. Many of these properties are not just available for rental. Some offer owner financing, and can ultimately be purchased as a way of helping to rebuild an otherwise unblemished credit history. All have been renovated and freshened up to today's demanding standards and are waiting for loving people and their families. LET CHIP AND KATHY HELP YOU, and give you the confidence and peace of mind you are looking for, for you and your family. TALK TO THEM about all your housing needs.